We are an Association with the ability to facilitate with experience of socials and visitors on this magic island for make it much more welcoming, stimulating and fun.

Nuestra mission


We enjoy nature through the canyons,beaches,mountains and gastronomy.


Equipment,partners,informations and guides for sport climbing,multi-pitch,classic and bouldering.
For fully enjoy each "grade" of adventure!

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Located 5 minutes walking distance from one of the most equipped canyons on the island. It is eco-sustainable and very welcoming place and it has all the facilities and more flexible possibilities.Of course we got some extra details that characterize Base Camp. EAT-CLIMB-SLEEP-REPEAT!

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It all always starts with the ingredients that come mainly from our locals organic farming.A conscious way is our recipes of all "chapó" gastronomy that leads to the magic of international meeting of different cuisines,emotions,skills and diverse tastes. Bon voyage!

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Here are thousands of routes with incredible landscapes.Definitely come with comfortable shoes because... You are going to kick the island like a donkey!


The mountain bike or MTB is a way how to explore great paths and roads around. There are also quality bicycles delivered directly by professionals from this magical island!


Diving in Tenerife and all of Canary Islands around is unique. Promoted by associations connected with our environment and by professionals.It is a very well organized activity. Enjoy it!


We develop our passions also trough design,combinations subjects,live music concerts and healing DJ sessions for body and soul. Come just up and I will take you!


Canyoning, surfing, yoga, acroyoga, fabrics, agricultura, juggling, slackline, climbing and much more. Various activities are promoted on demand by the experts. Who signs up?

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We have very special big house include lot of space, aromatic plants garden, camping area,open sky roof space, than if you want to take a break and spend some time on mountains, just write us!


How can we help you? we will respond to you till 48 hours but if we manage it, we will do it sooner. Thank you!

Dirección: Lugar Ortiz 1, Arico, Santa Cruz Tenerife - Spain 38580
Teléfono: +34 651 82 38 08
Lunes a domingo: 09h a 21h


En Tenerife contamos con muchos profesionales del mundo del deporte, donde puedes obtener descuentos y ofertas especiales en servicios y productos.

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